• Choco Melted Brownies
       One slice is never enough. Taking a bite, the taste of rich dark chocolate and chocolate couverture filling would fill your whole mouth. Sublime!

  • Double Choco Cupcakes 
       These cupcake was not oh-my-God good, but rich enough for Chocoholic. The texture of the cupcakes was moist, dense and of course full of chocolate flavour. Let's not forget to mention the melted chocolate inside the cupcake and cream cheese frosting at the top of it.

    • Baked Macaroni Cheesy BBQ
            I'm craving for lasagna at that time, but I only found macaroni in the kitchen, so I made this recipe. This is delicious mini baked pasta with a creamy cheesy taste and a hint of BBQ sauce. Absolutely irresistible.

      • Assorted Muffin
              Muffin for breakfast or tea time in the sweet afternoon, why not? It's easy to make, no need a long preparation, and simply delightful. You can add oat or whole-wheat flour over all-purpose flour to make it healthier. I use the classic methods which creates crumbly texture.

      Plain, Chocolate Chips, and Green Tea Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

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